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Our homemade Yarrow & Red Clover tincture is a powerful blend specifically designed to support women's health. Yarrow is known for its ability to regulate hormone production and ease menstrual cramps, while Red Clover is recognized for its hormone-balancing properties and ability to support the female reproductive system. This tincture is carefully crafted to provide relief from symptoms of PMS, menopause, and other hormonal imbalances. Made with ingredients straight from our farm and a commitment to quality, our Yarrow & Red Clover tincture is a natural and effective option for promoting women's health and overall well-being. Add a few drops to your daily routine to experience the benefits of these powerful herbs.

Yarrow & Red Clover Tincture

  • Achillea millefolium, Trifolium pratense and ethanol - Where additional herbs are required we take great care in sourcing from trusted suppliers with a commitment to ethical and sustainable practices.

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