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Introducing our refreshing and cleansing Digestif Tea Blend, the perfect end to any meal. This homemade herbal tea is hand-picked from the farm and carefully crafted with Nettle, Mint, and Fennel to aid digestion. Nettle is packed with iron and vitamin C, while mint and fennel are known for their digestive properties. This blend is the perfect way to cleanse and refresh your system after a hearty dinner. Soothe your stomach and sip on our 'Digestif' Tea Blend for a natural and delicious post-meal pick-me-up.


30g Herbal Blend

Wooden Scoop & 20 Empty Tea Bags included.

'Digestif' Tea Blend

  • New to herbal teas? Our 30g bag is designed with you in mind. Each bag comes with a wooden scoop and 20 empty bags. Ready for you to fill it up and pop it straight in a your cup.

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